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Corprate Video & Demo Videos

Client: Leap Motion •  Software Demo Interview

Leap Motion is a start-up company based out of the Bay Area. The folks at Leap need a testimonial video and software demo.  With a simple lighting set up, I was able to shoot the CEO and Developer and infuse interview footage with software demo footage.  The result a taking head that speaks to the product. with demo footage to demonstrate the hardware and software in action. 

Client: Delphix •  EA Sports •  Interview

Produced a number of  interviews for Delplix.  Interviewing a number of CIO's that would speak about the bennifits of Delfix Software. This was a fun shoot because we were able to set up the lights on the EA campus in Redwood Shores. .  This is a good example of the classic talking head with lower thirds and logo slates to bookend the video.  

Client: ShopKick •  Case Study Video

ShopKick had a "One Year Birthday" celebrating one year from launch.  Gathering all the footage and media hit across the US, we were able to put together a fun "case study " video that keep the pace and the fun of the product in mind.  

Client: Atomic PR •  About Company Video 

Working as a Digital Producer at Atomic Public Relations, I created a feel good " About the Company Culture " video to stylishly represent the company culture. Shooting on SLR still cameras, I was able to capture the look and feel of the culture.  This is an example os shooting " man on the street style" videos.  Getting a nice balance of atmosphere sound and good sound bites to tell a story. This also represents how as a Producer, you need to bring out the playfulness of your subject .  Producing videos like this can be very effective to attract good people to a company.  

Client: Royal Pools

Sample edit for a Landscape and Pool co. 


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